Mercoledì 24 Apr 2019
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The FITNESS Research Group performs performs cuttin-edge research in distributed systems security and dependability in general, and in Critical Infrastructure Protection in particular.

Research Research

Professional Services

The FITNESS Research Group provides highly professional consultancy services, knowledge transfer, cutting-edge technology development to public bodies and companies.

Professional Services Professional Services


The FITNESS Research Group provides academic and professional courses in the area of security, critical infrastructure protection, critical ssystems development, computer architectures, embedded systems.

Teaching Teaching


Professional Services

We offer our knowledge and support to enterprises in a variety of forms such as: designing and developing innovative, cutting-edge technologies and services; providing advanced and professional grade courses and certifications; offering consultancy services to companies willing to participate in European Commission funded projects. 

Examples of courses offered by our laboratory includes the ones leading to the prestigious ISO27001 certifications, and the Axis Communications’Academy. In the last years we have been offering such courses in the context of the European Master on Critical Networked Systems but we can arrange special editions of the courses for interested companies/organizations.

Examples of advanced products designed and/or developed for our partners include:

- A cryptography based service for online certificates issuing for the Afragola Municipality (here)

- A GPS based service developed for the Afragola Municipality (here)

- Some techniques beyond data gathering and processing in the Streamlog product commercialized by Sync Lab

Moreover our laboratory is registered as Developer Partner of the Axis Communication company, leader in the IP videosurveillance market.



FITNESS Group is a part of the Cyber Security National Lab

Cyber Security National Lab